The concurrent workshops will take place at 13:15-14:45. Please sign up for the specific workshop you are interested in when you register. Space limited.

Workshop 1–Origins

What’s Your Problem?! – Identifying and tackling the right challenges in complex health systems

Before you dive into finding the next innovative healthcare solution, are you sure you’re solving the right problem? This hands-on workshop will teach you how to navigate the complexity of healthcare systems. You will learn the tools to determine root causes behind symptoms, ask the right questions, and uncover stakeholder needs – essential foundations for creating effective solutions to our toughest healthcare challenges.

Come prepared to collaborate on real-world problems and question everything!

Workshop 2–Opportunities

Ideation and designing for healthcare

This workshop will introduce co-design as a powerful tool to tackle complex healthcare challenges. Upon identifying and framing healthcare challenges, you will learn a few techniques (with hands on activities) to map out the current state, and use rapid ideation tools to come up with possible solutions to your challenges.